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 Interpol/Cooper Gaang/Gaang Klaww/Fienish Five

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PostSubject: Interpol/Cooper Gaang/Gaang Klaww/Fienish Five   Interpol/Cooper Gaang/Gaang Klaww/Fienish Five EmptyMon Dec 22, 2008 2:05 pm

Why does this group exist and what's their rules?

We (the ADMs) in the first year of this site decided that we would make one week of diferents activities (The Champions week)
In that 7 days this 4 user groups (Interpol/Cooper Gaang/Gaang Klaww/Fienishe Five) will be texted in 7 proves.
The foruns of this users groups exist because it's the "Safe house" of the group and it's were they have their reunions.
There, the manager of the group (The "boss"/Moderator) will theach somethings for the group, so they will be prepared for the competition.
The group who wins in this year will be the group who will make the activities for the next year and they will not be on the competition because they are making the activities.
After you make the presentation and (there you must to say what group do you want to enter) the manager of the group or we, the administrators, will put you on the group.

Just the ADMS and the users of that group can enter on the forum of the group. For example:
The Interpol can't enter on the Cooper Gaang Forum.

The mods can't enter on every forum because they have their group too.
If the users of the group aren't happy with the boss of the group they need to tell to one ADM and then the ADM will make one special topic to select a new boss. ATTENTION, WE ONLY MAKE THAT WHEN WE SEE THAT LOTS OF PEOPLE AREN'T HAPPY WITH THE BOSS!

PS:I hope that everyone will be prepared for the The Champions Week, we will warn when its the week is of the competition, the more users we get to participate, the better Wink. In the min we need 20 users in groups (The adms aren't on the 20) so we can make the competition.

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Interpol/Cooper Gaang/Gaang Klaww/Fienish Five
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